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【XC】Business Digital Office - IT Support Internship

To apply for this position, please copy and paste the following link in your browser: Only applications submitted through this link will be considered.

Job Description

Main Tasks

• Support of IT administration tasks
• Issue tickets for associates' IT equipment, software and account requests
• Assist inventory, planning, ordering, tracking and handout of IT equipment. E.g. delivering a laptop to customers' desk.
• 1st level support - simple troubleshooting. If we cannot solve it, we open a ticket with the central IT department on the customer's behalf
• Trainings
o Preparation of material - written training for future interns
o Execution in English or other fitting languages
• Support with drafting and editing internal IT communication such as Blog posts or hosting info-meetings. Recent examples: IT improvements, changes in company-wide policies, introduction of company-wide tools, IT tips and hints

Optional tasks:

• Our department has other areas of work (e.g. software development). Given skills and interest that fit our scope of department, you can adapt your tasks and feedback to reflect real internal customer demand.

Additional Information

We offer:

• Full Japan designated activities VISA support
• A little accommodation support
• An allowance of ¥180’000/month
• Partially subsidized cafeteria
• Limited language study-time during work-time
• Communication with your University and thesis support where required
• Average of 40h/week. Work-from-home is possible up to two days a week.
• Up to 1 days off per month of internship
• Guidance when opening a bank account, registering your address, etc.

*We offer a very competitive monthly net allowance of 180,000 Yen on a full-time scheme. We will also provide you with all necessary documents and information for a successful Designated Activities visa application. Please note that the full visa process may take up to three months. Furthermore, applicants who intend to have an internship period for 12 months/already hold residence status in Japan will receive a monthly gross allowance.

**Japanese Nationals:

Please note that Japanese nationals do not require a visa process. Depending on the needs of the receiving department, students fulfilling this condition may begin their internship within one month of being hired.

***Exchange students

Please note that foreign nationals on a student visa with permission for part-time job (資格外活動許可) do not require a visa process. Students fulfilling these conditions will be eligible to work on a part-time scheme only. Depending on the needs of the receiving department, exchange students may begin their internship within one month of being hired.

****Non-Japanese Nationals (visa requirements):

Please note that applicants who are not Japanese nationals need to be eligible to obtain the Designated Activities Visa for an internship with Bosch Japan. Therefore, only students who fulfill the following conditions are eligible to apply:

A.) Enrolled student at a university at least 3 months before the internship and during the entire internship period.
B.) Doing the internship will require your university to sign a document confirming that the internship represents a mandatory or strongly recommended part of your university curriculum when applying for your visa.

Required specialized knowledge

IT background, Windows know-how would help
Familiarity with MS Office Tools such as Excel, Word, Outlook

Preferred language abilities

• Colleagues are usually from different cultures, which may be new to you. The most important language is English, which is why you should be fluent. If you are fluent in Japanese, intermediate English will do too. German could be useful as well, but is not required.

Preferred skills

Professional Requirements

• IT background, Windows know-how would help
• Familiarity with MS Office Tools such as Excel, Word, Outlook
• If you are fluent in English, you do not need to be fluent in Japanese
• If you are fluent in Japanese, you do not need to be fluent in English
• (Preferred) Communicating in both German and Kannada is common at Bosch Japan
• (Preferred) Linux know-how


• Very good communication skills
• Ability to work or find work self-sufficiently and independently
• Capability to self-sufficiently identify and implement IT solutions
• CV demonstrating an effort to learn
• Self-motivated. We hope to see you accomplish your tasks as independently as possible. Naturally we are available for advice anytime, but you learn the most by trying out things on your own first.

Additional assistance

Target Internship Period:

• The preferred internship duration is from 2024-02-01 until 2024-07-31.
The Internship period can be discussed with the hiring manager and the intern during the application interview.
Application Period
• The current application period is until 2023-12-15. After that we will reach out to all candidates and inform about the next steps.

Relaxing Internship opportunity at Bosch Japan! This is an IT Support internship where you can make use and even extend basic skills in computers. We do not require a Computer Science major or programming experience. If you are interested in a Software Development position, we have one here:

This role is ideal for someone striving to come to Japan willing to work by communicating with a variety of people to help me process large amounts of IT tickets. It can also be a chance to use learn and practice business Japanese in an office environment.




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