You have a question? Our FAQ section gives you the answer! We have collected questions many KOPRA users are curious about. Hopefully you will find an answer right here. In case you do not find an appropriate answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail!

Some of the KOPRA pages are available in English only, even if I choose an other language. Why don"t you provide all pages in every of the six languages you offer?

You"re right, English is the dominant language of www.kopra.org. We decided to offer some of our pages in English only when we worked on the new website. Especially those pages we need to update often (e.g. the meetings pages) are written mostly in English to reduce our daily workload and to minimize the error rate. Anyway, we try to offer as many content as possible in six languages for your convenience. As KOPRA is located in Germany, a majority of KOPRA"s staff has a German mother tongue - we kindly apologize for any mistakes in the English or other versions...

Our company is already registered at KOPRA. To use the various advantages of the Premium Membership, we’d like to upgrade to a Premium Membership at KOPRA (XXX EUR per year). We would like to place our company logo online. Please tell us the possible size and required format of our logo. What are the requirements for the advertising banner?

You can upload your logo to be displayed in your offers without becoming a Premium Member and completely free of charge! Please use a .jpg file in the aspect ratio of 3:1 approximately. As a Premium Member the uploading of your banner on a page of your choice is an included feature. Please use a .jpg file in the aspect ratio of 4:1 approximately. Both your logo and your banner can be uploaded in the Member Area.

Is it necessary to register at KOPRA if we like to offer an internship? Is this registration really free of charge?

Yes, it is necessary to register your company at KOPRA to set up a user account. Registration gives you the opportunity to put online as many internship offers as you like, search the intern database, upload your logo and share your experiences with us. All these features are free of charge.

To post job offers, to search for appropriate employees in our applicants’ database and to use the handy watch list to shortlist candidates and other features, please become a Premium Member of KOPRA. For more information of our Premium Features please follow this link: index.php?site_id=7.

We are interested in becoming a Premium Member at KOPRA. What kind of Premium Features do you offer? How can we register and what is the present price of an annual Premium Membership?

A Premium Membership at KOPRA offers you a lot of advantages! As a Premium Member you can place job offers in addition to your internship offers. The extensive KOPRA applicants’ database is at our Premium Member’s disposal. You may use to search for prospective employees on your own and contact them directly. The search for employees couldn’t be easier!

Make use of our automatic profile matching tool which enables you to pre-select applicants according to your own criteria: only the best-matching candidates out of our extensive profiles database will be displayed for you – the profiles will be sent to you on a daily basis if you like. As a Premium Member you may use this tool as often as you want and set up and save as many different profile configurations as you need. With banner advertisement you will draw the attention of potential interns or employees’ directly to your company!

Additionally, once an applicant searches for a job matching yours your job offer will always be on top of the search results. Please register via this link: index.php?site_id=23. The Premium Membership for companies costs 450 EUR annually or 250 EUR for half a year.

We’ve found an employee by using the KOPRA service. We’d like to share our experiences with you. Where can we do so?

We’re glad to hear that you are willing to share your experiences with the users of www.kopra.org! For writing down your experiences, please use our convenient online form: index.php?site_id=48.

We’ve lost the password of our company’s KOPRA account or lost its user name. Could you help us, please?

If you lost your password or user name, you don’t need to worry! Just refer to this link: index.php?site_id=7. Here you can request a new password or have your user name sent by e-mail to you.

We’ve placed a job offer at www.kopra.org for a period of time. Meanwhile, the job details have changed. How can we update our employment ad?

You can update your job offer quickly and conveniently in your KOPRA user account. Please sign into your company account first. In the Member Area you will find an overview of your saved internship and job offers. This includes not only the currently online ones but also former offers which have been put offline by you or by the system in case the application deadline of your offer has already expired. By clicking on the edit icon in the respective offer you may edit your job offer details and update it with immediate effect by pressing “save”.

We’ve put online a job advertisement at www.kopra.org. Meanwhile, we’ve found a suitable candidate. How can we delete our recruiting ad at your website?

Please sign into your KOPRA account with your user name and password. You will find an overview of your offers in the Member Area. To delete any one of your job or internship offers, please click on the wastebasket icon that is displayed in every offer. To temporarily put your job advertisement offline, please click to have its details displayed and then uncheck “online”.

We’ve found a job offer at www.kopra.org that isn’t up to date. We’d like to delete the recruiting ad. Unfortunately, we can’t find it in our account. What can be the reason for it?

Does your company maybe have several KOPRA accounts which were set up by different employees over a longer period of time? In this case you might see an outdated job offer online and you might not be able to find it in your account. Please write us an e-mail with the link to the outdated offer. We will gladly send you the login information for the other account or handle the offer for you.

To avoid this situation, we would like to suggest you to have only one KOPRA account and share the user name and password among your colleagues. Out of technical reasons we unfortunately cannot offer a multi-user account for a single company.

Due to employee turnovers, we have several KOPRA accounts. Is it possible to transfer the job advertisements of these accounts?

Unfortunately, we are not able to transfer your job or internship offers from one account to the other. In case you would like to keep all offers in one account you would have to type in the respective offer again in the new account. If you wish to delete unused accounts please feel free to contact us via e-mail.

How do we proceed if we use a ready-made application form in our company?

Due to technical reasons we are sorry that it is not possible to post an individual application form within your job advertisement. Please state your email address or a link in your offer where the applicants may request for your individual application form from.

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