Deutscher Botschafter in Japan (2002-2006)

Henrik Schmiegelow

Holding the patronage of KOPRA, it is my great pleasure to extend my congratulations to your network on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

I am particularly impressed by the fact that KOPRA since its foundation has been taking full advantage of modern technology, seizing the opportunities of information exchange through the internet and advancing alongside the expansion of World Wide Web. It is in accordance with this potential of the World Wide Web that those seeking information are provided with information in a structured and target-oriented manner.

When those who provide professional internships are put into contact with those who seek an internship through the KOPRA platform, the most important step has been taken. The interested parties can then directly discuss the details of the future internship arrangement.
The concept of KOPRA is as uncomplicated as it is convincing. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the placement of interns through KOPRA is as successful it is in both Japan and Germany .

Of course, the efficiency of such a gateway also depends on the abilities of the young people managing it. And to them I would like to express my special appreciation. Also I would like to thank all of those, who have initiated this project and who since then have been supporting it in Japan and in Germany . KOPRA has become a supporting pillar of German-Japanese exchange and a solid bridge in the mutual understanding of our two countries.

This is a reason for us to be full of pride. My best wishes for a lasting success!


KOPRA thanks all its stakeholders who support our mission generously!
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