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11.11.2020 - 21.11.2020 | Application deadline: 21.11.2020








1. Job description
• Position title: Foundation Coordinator
• Work percentage: 100% (full time)
• Work hours: 09:30 – 18:30
• Official language: English
• Expected starting date: early December 2021 (negotiable)

2. TOR
1) Coordinate the project implementation of EAAFP Foundation
• Coordination with stakeholders in project management.
• Monitor and report the progress of project implementation.
• Supporting development of annual work plans and budgets of the Foundation.

2) Administrative work for the foundation
• Performing a wide range of administrative tasks including preparing and/or processing administrative requests/documents.
• Performing of obligatory work for the Foundation like reporting to the Competent Authorities, submitting the documents, financial audit and etc.
• Developing administrative guidelines for the Foundation system.
• Arrange and coordinate the regular board meeting of the EAAFP Foundation.
• Arrangement of the meeting and event which is hosted by the Foundation.
• Compiling and maintaining reports and minutes of meetings.
• Translating requested information in Korean and/or English (Foundation documents will be mainly in Korean, exceptionally when requested by Chief Executive of EAAFP Secretariat and other cases)

3) Finance work for the foundation
• Setting up and Management of the Foundation budget on a yearly basis.
• Managing the whole budget and analysing/ delivering all financial date including monthly accounting report and required documents.
• Preparing the Auditor’s report on budget and expenditure carried by an independent auditor and provide it to the donors for ensuring budget transparency.
• Dealing with bank work and tax matter for the Foundation.
• Performing other financial related tasks as required.

4) Management of donors for EAAFP foundation
• Managing the Member Relationship Management System.
• Coordination with the donor, partners, and issuing donation receipt for both corporate donors and individual donors.
• Updating and maintaining the donor database.
• Managing the EAAFP Foundation website.

Required specialized knowledge

- Experience in administrative & financial task
- Experience in international organizations
- Experience in working at environmental conservation fields

Preferred language abilities

English, Korean

Preferred skills

- OA(Microsoft Word, excel) skill
- Working knowledge in English

Additional assistance

Application deadline: 21 November, 2021 23:59 KST




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