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The East Asian – Australasian Flyway Partnership (EAAFP) is the major international framework established for the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats in the flyway. The Flyway Partnership exists to enhance collaboration on the conservation of migratory waterbirds and their habitats as international cooperation is essential to conserve migratory waterbirds throughout the flyway.

The EAAFP is served by a Secretariat located in Incheon, Republic of Korea, established in 2009. The Secretariat is an international organization working closely with the Flyway Partners from national governments, intergovernmental organizations, an international organization, international NGOs and the private sector.

The Secretariat is seeking a Public Partnership Consultant to develop guidelines for the EAAFP Sister Site Program and Site Partnerships. The Sister Site Program connects Flyway Network Sites in different countries to share information and capacity building. Site Partnerships, at Flyway Network Sites, play an important role in engaging a range of Government agencies and the local community. There are currently 10 Sister Site Arrangements involving Japan (5 sites), Republic of Korea (5 sites), Australia (3 sites), China (4 sites), New Zealand (1 site) and Singapore (1 site).

The last Meeting of Partners, requested the development of Guidelines and Recommendations to encourage the further development of the Sister Site Program and Site Partnerships. To develop the Guidelines and Recommendations the Consultant will need to communicate with relevant Flyway Network Site Managers, Partners, the EAAFP CEPA Working Group, and the Secretariat to solicit input on the experiences and knowledge on the Sister Sites Program and Site Partnerships.

This position is home-based and will require regular on-line communication with the Secretariat based in Incheon during Korea business hours. The contract needs to be completed by the end of October 2020.

The following Tasks have been identified:
• Task 1: EAAFP Sister Sites Program
o Task 1.1 Review the existing EAAFP Sister Site Program (10 Sister Site Arrangements to assess strengths and weakness of the arrangements in the 6 countries, and their ambitions for the future. It is anticipated that approaches will include surveys/interviews with Site Managers;
o Task 1.2 Collate “lesson learnt” from similar programs;
o Task 1.3 Report on the results of the survey, and the “lesson learnt” from other similar programs;
o Task 1.4 Based on the previous three tasks, develop Guidelines for EAAFP Sister Site Program and Recommendation for Partners and the Secretariat on implementing the Guidelines and expanding the Sister Site Network.

• Task 2: Assessing and developing a guideline and recommendations on the development of Site Partnerships at Flyway Network Sites.
o Task 2.1 Surveying all FNS in relation to the extent of their partnerships with other government agencies, local communities and other partners in relation to, visitor management and sustainable use of their site, including, but not limited to;
 Utilizing the existing survey result (conducted in 2019 by the Secretariat) for the Site Partnership and collecting additional opinions from Site Managers and Partners through surveys or interviews to assess the status of the existing Site Partnership and aspirations of Site Managers;
o Task 2.2 Analysis of the survey feedback, and incorporating “lessons learnt” from similar programs.
o Task 2.3 Developing the Guidelines and Recommendations for Partners and the Secretariat in implementing the Guidelines and expanding the Site Partnership.

Anticipated working days: upto 30 days.

Final Products

1. Guideline and Recommendations for EAAFP Sister Site Program
2. Guideline and Recommendations for EAAFP Site Partnerships
3. Analysis report for surveys and interviews
4. Interview reports

Starting Date: As soon as possible.

Application Procedure:

This consultancy is home-based and will require a regular online communication with the Secretariat based in Incheon, Republic of Korea during Korea business hours (09:30 – 18:30, KST). The contract completion time is the end of October 2020 (It might be changed depending on the starting date).

To apply, please visit our website: www.eaaflyway.net/job-openings

Applications (Application Form, Resume, Quote) should be sent by email to the Chief Executive, at secretariat@eaaflyway.net by no later than 6:00 pm (Seoul time) on Saturday, 5th Sep, 2020. (Email Title: Public Partnership Consultant_your name)

If you have any inquiries about this consultancy please contact us via email (secretariat@eaaflyway.net).

Required specialized knowledge


Preferred language abilities

Fluent in English; speaking Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, or Cantonese is a plus.

Preferred skills

To be eligible for the Public Partnership Consultant at EAAFP, you must:
1. Understand EAAFP’s mission and knowledge of conservation status in EAAF.
2. Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) or additional degree/s for higher education in Biology, Environmental and Political Science, Administration/Business, International Studies and Communications or other related fields;
3. Have a minimum of 5 years’ work experience in field of environment, law, civil movement or government administration, with proven experience in organizing, analyzing, reporting, and all other related duties and responsibilities;
4. Have a proven ability to collaborate with key stakeholders, funders, local community, and governmental officials;
5. Have outstanding communication and organizational skills;
6. Be proficient with MS Office, and communication/ analysis tools such as social media, and Survey Monkey;
7. Fluent in English; speaking Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, or Cantonese is a plus.

Additional assistance

The Programme Officer of the EAAFP Secretariat will be the primary contact point for the Consultant.

The Secretariat will introduce the successful consultant to the Partner Focal Points and the Flyway Network Site Managers. Communication with some Site Managers may need to be conducted in the national language and the Secretariat will provide assistance in these cases.




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