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19.11.2018 - 30.11.2019 | Application deadline: 19.11.2018






hourly: 20000 won + incentive


Looxid Labs is recruiting participants for our study looking at EEG(electroencephalogram) and eye-gaze data in accordance with the change of preferences when looking at different objects in a VR environment. Participants in this study will participate in a one time, two-part experiment wearing a VR headset (EVA) with EEG and eye-gaze measurement capabilities. (Part 1: game; part 2: picture viewing). Those who meet the following qualification requirements, please apply. The experiment will take 1 hour.

Required specialized knowledge


Preferred language abilities


Preferred skills

Eligibility- If you are of a non-Korean ethnicity and have at least a moderate understanding of English- Those without a history of mental illness- Right-handed- Those who are 20-30 years old- If you do not usually wear glasses/you have normal corrected vision with contacts

Additional assistance

Date of experiment
Weekdays November 19, 2018 ~ November 30, 2018

Place of experiment
Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam-ro 165 Hassung Building, 5th Floor,

Payment of participation fee
- Participation fee: 20,000won + incentive

Documents to bring:
Copy of a korean bankbook/passbook (with the name of the applicant),
copy of identification (resident registration card or driver's license)

- 1 time in total
- About 30 minutes ~1 hr

How to participate:
Send an email of the following format to

Phone number :
Time for participation in the experiment: (Please specify the date and time you would like to participate on weekdays between Nov 19 and Nov 30) (Example: November 5, 2018/10: 30-11: 30, 13: 30-14: 30)
Right-handed: (eg yes / no)
Usual glasses wear: (eg worn / not worn)
English fluency level:

Subject selection procedure
- Only those who have applied for this experiment will be selected as the final testee by the written consent procedure after the detailed explanation of the test purpose and test method and judged as eligible.
For further inquiries about this experiment, please contact Looxid Labs (070-5030-6031).




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