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We have been engaging in developing artificial intelligence since before the deep learning hype, focusing on two main categories of services: AGI platform and consulting services.

Our Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) platform is an interface which allows easy AGI handling, as well as a community for data provision and collaborative development.

Our consulting services boast an excellent reputation among our client base. We provide customized solutions for client needs based on our abundant knowledge and implementation experience in various industries including manufacturing, robotics, medical chemistry, and security.

We are looking for highly motivated college students / graduate students who possess intellectual curiosity about Deep Learning / Machine Learning service development, or the latest technologies in general. Long-term (3 months+) commitment welcome.

You will conduct a research project related to AI.
You will:
1. Select a research topic
2. Carry out proposal and planning
3. Read and implement relevant papers
4. Present a report

Depending on your ability and interest, you will have an opportunity to be involved in various types of projects.

Required specialized knowledge

- Master's degree or above in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Robotics- Programming (Python, C++, C)- Experience in Machine Learning- Knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics

Preferred language abilities

English or Japanese

Preferred skills

- Understanding of Deep Learning - Experience reading papers on Deep Learning - Experience implementing or improving Deep Learning libraries and frameworks

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