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No remuneration as with MOST JAPANESE COMPANIES.


Yes! As our company description states, we are growing, and looking for management trainee interns. As an intern, our plan is to show you all aspects of running an English Conversation School, with the hope, that after you graduate, you can come work for us, either as an assistant manager, regional manager, marketing manager or even just as a teacher.

'All Aspects' could include but is not limited to the following:

-Parent Communication/Relations
-Website Operations: SEO, SMM, Ongoing Design, News Updates, etc.
-Assisting with Marketing/Campaigns
-Teaching Classes
-Facility Maintenance
-Financial/Bookkeeping Activities
-Chamber of Commerce/City/State - Networking
-Reception/Telephone Communication
-And other activities as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Bottom line, we are looking for people to join our growing team, not just for your internship, but, for your future in Japan. We cannot guarantee that future, but, will do everything in our power to give you the tools for your success either with us or without us.

Please, Go Ahead and Send US An Online Application!

Required specialized knowledge

Nothing beyond what was mentioned in the Job Description. Since this will be a management trainee internship, we truly are looking for FUTURE MANAGERS! We want to grow more and will need great managers and teachers in the future. So, just think about what management/business skills you can/could bring to the table for your internship and for our combined future together!

Preferred language abilities

English and some Japanese (However, Japanese is NOT necessary to apply, but, helps!)

Preferred skills

-Must Speak Native - or ALMOST Native English (If from European Countries, don't worry too much, we will evaluate your English Abilities)-Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher ....-Research Abilities (For example, if you are to work on our website, even if you have never worked on a website before/or make a video, do you have the ability to research to learn how to? -Total Team Player: Looking for flexible, delightful people. This is a people business, therefore, we need and look for pleasant people.

Additional assistance

You must be able to financially survive via ALL your living expenses for the duration of your internship. We know several accommodation options, for which we will give guidance and assistance towards, here in the Matsumoto area.


We look forward to your online application, and we will get back to you soon. Thanks for considering this opportunity!


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