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Description of Volunteering Opportunity
Job Title : Volunteer Researcher to identify & develop Community Networks for rural Community organisations.
What is the specific project : Development and Strengthening of community organisations.
Why is this important to your organisation? : Core of Drishtee mission is the development and empowerment of community Organisations. As part of it's value proposition Drishtee needs to develop a network of PAN India relationships with governmental and non-governmental organisations that will offer subject matter expertise and other relevant support (e.g under various schemes or program ) to the Community Organisations to help resolve their challenge’s / achieve planned goals.
What is the goal? : To build a database of such agencies, understand their strategic alignment to the goals of community origination and establish Drishtee connect.
Job Function : Research & Database Management
What tasks will you want the volunteer to do? : Understand the generic problem areas or needs for community organisations in the various Drishtee location’s and research to collate database of local or national agencies that can support, example NGO’s working on providing water solutions to rural India, or government agencies with schemes for youth, housing /employment etc. Followed by establishing a connect for Drishtee to take on.
Location : Virtual, across India, preferably Drishtee’s locations.
Duration & Time: Virtual, Full time 6 -12 months
Desired Skills & Expertise : Keen interest in Rural India, analytical ability to identify a match /alignment between needs of the Company and offerings of the supporting agency .
Language : English & Hindi
Support :
Housing & meals : Yes ( shared accommodation).
Certificate : Yes. Upon completion of the tenure.
Travel allowance : Yes Only official expenses as per company policy.

Required specialized knowledge

Graduation in any field would do. We just need the candidates to be filled with drive, zealous to achieve the goals and deliverable.

Preferred language abilities

English is mandatory.

Preferred skills

Keen interest in rural India, analytical skills, good communication skills.

Additional assistance

Support to understand the culture and adjust to the changes.
Shared Accommodation provided, Meals provided.
Travel reimbursement for field visits - provided.




Company information

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