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500.000 won/month


At ACOPIA, we believe in the free exchange of ideas and are holding various programs to promote Korean culture and Japanese culture internationally, and to improve Korea-Japan relations.
May it be through internships, volunteering programs, KPOP-related programs or language programs, we are serving the cause of unifying peoples. The manager role is set for an undergraduate or graduate student who wish to pursue their career in top management.
ACOPIA is a small NGO. Although we don't have the same impact on your CV as that of a multinational company, we do offer you the opportunity of a true and valuable working experience where you will have many more responsibilities than in another internship, and you will learn about management with a practical hands-on approach.

1. Management of foreign interns (recruitment, orientation, schedule, projects, tasks and payments)
Duty staff will be responsible for reviewing applications, resumes and cover letters, and recruiting future interns. Duty staff will give new interns orientation about their work, guide them through their personal project as well as through the general activities required by ACOPIA that serve the purpose of unifying more people together, and confirm payments with the CEO.
2. Coordinating projects and programs between staff and interns
Depending on the time of the year, ACOPIA offers different and various cultural programs in both Korea and Japan. As staff is mostly Korean and Japanese (Korean or English speaking), Duty staff will coordinate foreign interns’ activities with those of the staff. Duty staff will be an intermediary between them and allow good communication. For this, English working proficiency and Korean proficiency are required for intercommunication. Japanese proficiency is preferred.
3. Planning and promotion of all ACOPIA’s programs
Duty staff will ensure that ACOPIA’s programs are running well and that their promotions are efficient and effective. For this, Duty staff will thoroughly explain each program’s objective, content and details to the interns and will plan a social media strategy that will be put in practice along with the interns. Duty staff will make a detailed weekly planning every two week and assign each specific task to a specific intern.
4. Management of foreign participants in the various programs of ACOPIA
Currently, many participants of ACOPIA’s programs come from Japan. In an effort to expand internationally and exchange more cultures, Duty staff’s role will be to recruit more international participants and to guide them through the admission and participation process. Duty staff will help ACOPIA reach more international participants.
5. Creation of partnerships with foreign universities and organizations
With the help of interns, Duty staff will create various partnerships. Together, the interns and the manager will prospect and find organizations whose views and values are aligned with those of ACOPIA. They will learn the correct behavior and ethics of creating partnerships, and of keeping good external relations.
6. Administrative tasks
Duty staff will be in charge of replying to all business e-mails, to inquiries about various camps and programs, and of answering to phone calls and receiving packages.
7. Management of Acopia café
At ACOPIA, we are running a cultural exchange café that offers various activities from board games to movie nights. Duty staff will work from 9am to 6pm and will make sure of the interns’ responsibilities in managing the café, and will regularly check the café’s physical condition and funding.

Required specialized knowledge

Full professional proficiency in English required
Advanced proficiency required in Korean (TOPIK 3 or higher)
Advanced proficiency required in Japanese (JLPT N3 or higher)

Preferred language abilities


Preferred skills

 University student (undergraduate or graduate); age 18 - 28
 Full English professional proficiency - IELTS 7 or equivalent level
 Korean advanced proficiency – TOPIK 3 or equivalent
 Preferably with knowledge and skills in marketing, web design, digital communication and project management
 Good organization and time management
 Capable of working efficiently and effectively under minimal supervision and pressure
 Autonomous yet a team player
 With a positive work attitude and able to communicate well with colleagues from different cultures and nationalities
**During their internships, interns are required to stay in ACOPIA's share houses (female only)**
※ Full rent must be paid a month before arrival in the ShareHouse by Bank Transfer or Paypal.
※ If the internship is less than 3 months, an additional fee of 200USD is charged.

Additional assistance

From 3 to 6 months.

In Yeonnam-Dong, center of young and trendy Hongdae, Seoul.

From 9am to 6pm, 4 days a week (one weekday off)


1. Free coffee everyday
2. Working near young and trendy Hongdae area in Seoul
3. Certificate of Internship and ACOPIA badge as proof of working with ACOPA Lifelong Education Center and Asia Hope Camp Organization
4. Working with other interns from different countries
5. Staying in the Share House (Females only.)
6. Signing of your university’s internship agreement
7. A true hands-on working experience where you will acquire hard and soft skills such as project management, social media strategy, team leading, verbal and written communication skills, customer service, video editing, but also perseverance and autonomy.
8. Korean class 2hours/week
For more information about Asia Hope Camp Organization, please visit:
For more information about the Team Manager position or for other queries, please send us a message.

To apply, send us your CV and a cover letter. We look forward to your application !
** Although ACOPIA is a non-profit organization that offers various cultural experience programs, we need some funding from the interns to carry out our activities. If you are recruited, we will ask you to send us an “administrative fee” as a way of supporting ACOPIA of 400 USD.


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