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We are looking for great minds with great ideas, with the ability to view old ideas in a fresh perspective. This is a program made available by our associate company\\\\\\\'s internship program.

Posting to be in Makati Business District or Cebu City, Philippines. The Philippines is a rapidly growing economy in South East Asia.

The tasks primarily entails assisting senior management in developing a viable marketing strategy for proprietary web and mobile device applications for worldwide deployment.

Successful candidates must expect a cross-cultural work and deal environment. All candidates are encouraged to learn about the local culture, with the hope that such would enable them to be more effective in their tasks. Affinity to sand and sun is a plus, as location trips to island city centers are included in the program.

Tenure shall be no more than 60 days.

Outgoing interns who will have demonstrated meritorious performance will be considered for longer term engagements (i.e. employment) and/or posting in their home countries.

Required specialized knowledge

Adept in the field of New Media Marketing.

Familiarity with demographics of the \\\\\\\"Digital Consumer\\\\\\\" in such geographies as North America, Europe, China, South Asia, Australia, is highly valued. Must be conversant in such jargons as ARPU, clickthrough, ad imps, and the like

Preferred language abilities

Mastery of English is a must

Preferred skills

The ideal candidate is expected to have had exposure to the web app ecosystem including application development, deployment, app and system security, and marketing.

Candidates currently completing post-college education are preferred.

Additional assistance

Accommodation and living allowances are provided.




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